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for example, i’m on the dow jones chart for 5 minutes at a time frame take a closer look at this backtest you must first find support and resistance levels in the next neighbourhood, be patient until the price hits that level now wait for the first candle to form… we are doing analysis of us30 on 1 hour timeframe. the projected target from the breakout is usually the vertical distance from the high to the bottom . thankyou ankur verma twitter : ankurverma3838 price made a fakeout on the first support zone. it took liquidity, on the support below, it retested the zone and it flew up. beautiful 50% retest of the order block before a 1:12rr move. heres an update on the new strategy im trying out… this could be legendary….. click on the strategy link in this bio below for the analysis i follow before entering a trade.. still trying to figure out a new strategy and this one i can say has been going pretty well this week… what im doing is trading only around the quarter points. the time frame for day trading would… hy dear members, as you all know very well that we have completed 1k followers at this trading view platform.

here this is our first educational post here and i want to tell the basics of technical analysis and secret… buy us30 entry : 27784.87 * use proper risk management * .01 for every 500$ would be 6% risk stop loss: 27744.77 (400 pips) take profit 1: 27834.77 (500pips) take profit 2: 27934.77 (1500 pips) take profit 3: 28084.77 (3000 pips) for those are like to make more income in forex, and like to learn more .. please do check this out : private trade we took cannot upload everything we analyse – but this one was necessary as the target is was left to its own device here. we only used a 0.5 contract to run to the target and closed the other 1.00 before at target i. the reason for the trade? we entered early and then as the… fibonacci level is broken with a close above 1.618 (22543). buy limit was set at 1.618 (22543) after the level was broken with a daily close above price 22543. we see here sth special. in the crisis worldwide money injection went on to delay a full recession. problems, we need more and more injection of monetary pol. companys like amazon, facebook, alibaba, bitcon and the other only rised of this unlimited injection of liquidity.

due to the nature of its composition, this index is often considered a benchmark of the overall performance of the us economy. it is especially nice to trade from the lows to the highs and from the highs to the lows. have you never traded it yourself? in this blog i will tell and explain a few things about trading us30. and i hope that at the end of this blog you will understand a little more about the behavior of it and can apply it in your own trading. you see how the price ranks between the 2 lines for a while. we see this behavior very often in us30 and this is also important to take into account. you can often take multiple trades in such a ranging period (buy and sells). do you see how many great trades you could have taken from the supply and demand zones in this ranging period?

what we pay particular attention to at us30 are the possible signs of a reversal in the supply and demand zones. for example, pay attention to the volume, do you see those higher spikes when it breaks through the zone at the top and then comes back down again? of course you check this together with a few other important points. this is also an important point to consider before you buy or sell. these are just a few of the points where i am all looking out for a trade open. soon i will be blogging about the behavior of a specific forex pair. then start the course now and i will explain everything in detail and if you use the code โ€˜15% offโ€™ you will now also get a 15% discount on the course. if you are a beginner trader and to become a good professional forex trader. the forex scalper teaches you the best scalping trading strategy using supply and demand zones which are already traded and tested by thousands of tfs members and performs daily trades. theforexscalper recommends you join icmarket which is regulated and the most trusted broker.

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how to trade us30? by theforexscalper | | forex education, forex strategy | 0 comments. how to trade us30? the us30 tracks the performance of tips for trading us30 1) use dynamic support and resistance. 2) use hidden divergence to determine a trend continuation. 3)use the atr tool to set your nasdaq and us30 trading strategy, with detailed technical analysis for beginners and dummies – kindle edition by jecool , james . download it once and read, how much money do you need to trade us30, best time to trade us30, trading us30 with small account, can you trade us30 with $200.

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