Financial Statement Template

Financial statement template is a financial statement sample that shows the process and procedure of combining financial information and results to the interested groups. A well formatted financial statement sample can help investors to understand the financial position of the business better.

Financial Statement Overview

Financial statement needs to understand its objectives and function. The financial statement is an essential report of a business that provides information to its owners, shareholders, managers, lenders, staff, suppliers, media and the government. It is a record of all the financial activities that have been transacted in a business entity. The financial statement along with income statement provides a complete financial picture of a company. It is the responsibility of a business to concisely and clearly present all the financial information of the business organization.

Financial statement needs to maintaine its accuracy and reliability.In order to maintain the accuracy of the facts mentioned in the statement, the financial statements are audited by accountants, auditing firms and government agencies to ensure that the contents are correct. It also helps to deal with the investing, financing and tax purpose of the business. Usually, income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and retained earnings statements are included in the financial statements of the company. It helps to provide the present financial information of a particular business entity.

financial statement Template

When designing financial statement template, it is important to consider financial statement template objectives and functions. There are various types of financial statement example for different objectives. For example, personal financial statement template, non-profit financial statement template, income statement template and balance sheet template etc.

There is free financial statement example you may download. You may also use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to design your financial statement sample. During the process of design financial statement sample, it is important to consider the financial statement format, financial statement layout and financial statement outline in the financial statement example.

The first key part in the financial statement template is the header. In the section, you need to give basic information about the business, the period of the financial statement etc.

The second key part in the financial statement sample is the main body. In the section, you need to give detail information on how the business operate, the assets and liabilities of business etc.

The last key part in the financial statement example is the footer. In the section, you need to give financial notes for the information presented.