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        Smart Action
        About Us

        Chengdu Smart Action Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company integrating R&D, production, domestic and oversea sales. Base on gas-powered technology, the company provides customers with gas energy equipment and systematic solution. The company has obtained many patents in related fields.

        Products of SMART ACTION include Gas Generator, CHP (Cogeneration) and GHP (Gas Heat Pump Air-conditioning) which are widely applied in fields where has gas resource like natural gas, biogas, LPG, oilfield gas and coalbed methane, while the power, heat (hot water or steam), cooling or air-conditioning are needed.

        Our core value of "Technology. Environment. Quality." is a promise backed by every employee. Base on the optimum R&D capability, strict production system and comprehensive service, the company endeavors to offer best product and service to help customers achieve economic success and to act responsibly with consideration of ecological efficiency aspects.






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