Billing Statement Template

Billing statement template is a billing statement sample that shows the process and procedure of presenting billing information to other parties. A well defined billing statement example can help business to manage their payment process.

Billing Statement Overview

Billing statement can help business to manage their transaction payment. If you desire to operate your business in a very professional manner so that you can gain the confidence and trust of your customers then you need to handle every transaction of your clients in a professional way that can be achieved with the help of billing statement. Billing statement can also unlock the earning potential of your business as the entire billing process is streamlined which will help you to get cash payments faster and also help you to recover bad debts while reducing the labor and postage costs.


Billing statement needs to include all key elements. Bill statement is designed in such a way that it complies all the details in a brief, accurate and short detailed. These may include details like the date of purchase, the name and address of the company along with the contact details, the product or services that are offered with the grand total including the taxes to be paid to the company, the time duration for the delivery of the products and services should also be indicated in the bill, company’s seal, proprietor’s sign, mode of payment and last date of payment with the terms and conditions.

billing statement Template

When designing billing statement template, it is important to consider billing statement template objectives and functions. There are various types of billing statement example for different objectives. For example, medical billing statement template, patient billing statement.

There is free billing statement example you may download. You may also use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to design your billing statement sample. During the process of design billing statement sample, it is important to consider the billing statement format, billing statement layout and billing statement outline in the billing statement example.

The first key part in the billing statement template is the header. In the section, you need to give basic information about billing statement such as the name, address etc.

The second key part in the billing statement sample is the main body. In the section, you need to include key element: billing statement form, billing statement details such as description and items etc.

The last key part in the billing statement example is the footer. In the section, you need to give supporting information on the billing payment such as the methods of payment, the payment period etc .